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Weeds, trash squelch life out of unnamed Shreveport cemetery


One Shreveport family said they're tired of visiting their loved ones' graves and having to wade through uncut weeds, grass and trash just to get to the headstone.

"Is she even over here," Brandy Anderson asked her cousin Johnny Anderson as they walked through what appeared to be an empty lot on Mt. Zion Road.

One wouldn't know the tract of land serves as a final resting place because there is no signage to identify it. But at closer look, the tops of headstones peak over the high grass knifing through the still, quiet air.

Some graves still show signs of care, but they share the hallowed ground with weeds, trash and what looks like a pile of shingles.

"It's been like this for a while, it's like every time you come out there you can't get them to cut it nothing," Brandy said.

Johnny said his grandmother and aunt are buried at the cemetery. They know the general vicinity of the graves, but because of neglect, properly visiting the burial grounds and paying respect is impossible.

"Can't even find the marker, it hurts," Johnny said.

The cemetery is located just across the street from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, but it does not belong to the church.

"But you can look across the street and the cemetery on the church grounds is nice and neat," Johnny said.

A church representative said there once was a sign on the cemetery that read, "Carter's Cemetery," but that's now in the wind.

"If this was their loved ones, what would they do?" asked Brandy.

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