Landers Athlete of the Week - Taylor Arnold - June 25th

Taylor Arnold has transitioned into her new role on the Shreveport United Under-15 girls soccer team well. She has become one of the most dominant central midfielders in the state.    

"I started out playing forward up until last year actually," said Arnold.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Head coach Mark Matlock called Arnold's ball winning abilities her strong suit.

"She's just a very physical and agressive player and when she goes into a tackle she's going to come out with the ball most of the time. She's just fearless."

That fearless soon-to-be Byrd sophomore turned to soccer as a way of channeling her energy.

"I was always a rambunkish kid. I always had a bunch of energy and I used to do dance but that never would make me go to sleep at night so she did some research and found out that soccer, you had to do a lot of running and it worked. I was super tired afterwards."

Arnold led her club soccer team to the southern regional championships in Baton Rouge. The team won their opening game against a club out of Alabama. Arnold's team also won a state title.

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