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ArkLaTex is prime location for fly fishing

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We all love to fishing here in the South, catching bass, brim, catfish and white perch, but while many like to cast and reel, Frank Harmon prefers fly fishing.

"Fly fishing in the South has been around forever," he said. "My earliest memory of fly fishing was when I was 5 or 6 years old."

Harmon started fishing like many of us on a father and son trip and was given two choices. He recalled when he made the decision to learn to fly fish.

"He sat in the back of the boat and fished and I either had to fish or just paddle and that's how I started fly fishing," he said.

Now, he is part of the North LouisianaFly Fishers club working to give the general public a better understanding about fly fishing.

"I saw the fly fishing article in the newspaper and thought it would be something interesting and since it was for beginners we decided to come and check it out," said Annette Shows.

"Casting can be difficult but if you will take a couple of lessons and have someone teach you some tips and within 30 minutes somebody can have you casting well enough to go out and catch fish."

Harmon has been fly fishing for over 50 years and says you don't have to go far away to do it. Harmon said he does 95 percent of his fishing within an hour from Shreveport.

"There is tremendous public fishing right here in the area," he said. "Bass, brim, cropper and catfish and catch all of them on a fly rod. 

"A lot of people feel like fly fisherman are an elite group and some, but in the South, we are just like everybody else. We like to have a good time we eat some of the fish that we catch. There's nothing wrong with eating fish that you catch."

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