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City and parish leaders discuss plan to revitalize downtown Shreveport


City and parish leaders are pushing for change in downtown Shreveport.

They met with out-of-town consultants Monday to discuss ways to revitalize the area.

Some would argue parking is the biggest challenge, even though some at the meeting pointed out that parking is not a problem that's unique to downtown Shreveport.

"Well, parking is something that's going to be an issue that will come up when you're talking about downtown. Density in buildings in usage, we're going to have a lot of people in a small space and so parking is going to be an issue," said City Council Member, Jeff Everson.

During the meeting at Government Plaza, the six-member team told city and parish leaders that there is already a pretty good infrastructure in place downtown.

Now they'll use the Shreveport Caddo Great Expectations 2030 Master Plan as a guide to formulate a strategy of improvement.

Everson, whose district includes downtown, says that part of the answer might be to change people's perception of walking a few extra blocks. "There's a lot of techniques that planners and professionals in this industry have that can help people feel better about waling a little farther things like you know in our downtown today we don't have as many awnings or shade covers, they're going to give us some suggestions on how we can move towards something like that," said Everson.

"I just think it's real inconvenient having to park in the side lanes and parking meters and I just think it would benefit the downtown area if we got more parking lots," said Blaise Leonards. He and his friend said they parked their car two miles away on Clyde Fant Parkway in order to avoid what they consider to be a big hassle parking in downtown.

City leaders and the consulting group will use the Shreveport Caddo Great Expectations 2030 master plan as a guide to help formulate a strategy for the downtown area.

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover and other city leaders want your input on revitalizing the downtown area.

In a series of public meetings, consultants will focus on improving walkability, transportation options and how to utilize historic spaces.

The public meeting starts tonight at 6:30 in the Mayor's conference room. That's on the second floor of Government Plaza.

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