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Jindal, White at odds over Common Core in LA schools

Source: Corestandards.org Source: Corestandards.org

The latest on the Common Core clash in Louisiana continues pitting Governor Bobby Jindal, who wants to do away with the curriculum against the state superintendent of education who supports it.

Now, the State Commissioner of Administration is weighing in on where things stand.

She said they are issuing a letter suspending the contract to carry out PARCC testing until official review.

PARCC is standardized testing that allows students results to be compared to students all across the nation.

But at last check, State Superintendent John White said they've not been informed of this letter.

Now Jindal's argument is based on the fact he says the Department of Education did not follow the law when selecting the PARCC assessment.

However, White said they did, and they're not changing a thing.

"The standards that we have adopted are in our state laws, they're not just the right thing to do for our kids, they are the legal thing to do according to the legislature and the bese board," White said.

White says teachers should go on preparing for next school year using the common core standards

"The federal government would like to assert control of our educational system and rush implementation of a one size fits all set of standards that raises a lot of serious concerns," he said.

Northwest Louisiana education officials said the children are the priority.

"The children are what we consider important," said Jackie Lansdale, president of Red River United. "The materials, the curriculum will be in place. We'll let them fight the constitutional battle out in Baton Rouge."

Lansdale said her phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from concerned teachers.

Superintendents from Caddo and Bossier parishes said they are keeping an eye on the situation and will be ready no matter what for next school year.

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