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Texarkana College, fire department offer training this fall


Special training went on in Texarkana, Texas Tuesday as a local college begins preparation for a program to help people become certified firefighters.

The Texarkana, Texas Fire Department answers the alarm, but it's only a drill to demonstrate what the latest classroom at Texarkana College will provide.

"We want everyone to see the wonderful facility that we have and just a little taste to what the cadets or trainees will experience when they go through their training," said fire chief Eric Schlotter.

Earlier this year the City of Texarkana partnered with the college to begin a certified fire training course. This course is scheduled to begin in the fall, with classes held on the college campus and at the fire department's training facility.

"But when they go hands on, which is a big portion of a fire academy, it will be here at this facility," Schlotter said.

Tuesday's demonstrations included a repelling exercise for high and low level rescue efforts and proper techniques in vertical ventilation to building roofs.

They also practiced a self-saving technique called the "ladder bail." This move is designed to help firefighters quickly exit a building in an emergency.

Harry Simms is the fire academy coordinator for Texarkana College. He said this facility should be a big plus for future trainees at the academy.

"But so much of a firefighter's training is hands on and actually getting in the field and doing the skills and this facility provides a safe place to do things that in a real-world environment is not very safe," he said.

There will be room for 25 students per semester at the fire academy, Simms said. Registration for the course begins in August.

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