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Former police officer says it's time for 'radical generosity'

Lisa Chatterton takes pride in her charitable acts. (Source: KLTV staff) Lisa Chatterton takes pride in her charitable acts. (Source: KLTV staff)

Lisa Chatterton is radical and proud of it. She’s a retired Longview police officer who is a big believer in 'radical generosity,' which is basically seizing every opportunity to help people. She says she is taking a bold idea and putting it into motion.

Sometimes she likes to pick up a lunch tab for a friend or a complete stranger on the other side of a restaurant. She says its great fun, especially if they don’t know who did it. Once, she did it for a man in uniform.

“I just asked the waitress for his check, and paid for it. I wanted to stay anonymous. I just wanted to do it to show him my appreciation and that somebody cared. You could tell he was touched, that somebody wanted to do something for him, but he’s doing something for us so I wanted to do something for him,” Chatterton said.

But it doesn’t have to involve money. There are plenty of ways to help without breaking the bank.

“There’s so much that we can do. We’re giving of our time and our talents to help people out. Not everything requires money,” Chatterton offered.

Lisa has plenty of time since retiring, and since she helped a lot of people as a police officer, she thought she’d continue to be helpful to whomever she can.

“It may be buying lunch for the person behind me in the drive-through line. It may be something I see on the news; someone’s fallen on hard times. I don’t know that’s the unpredictable part and that’s going to be the fun part,” Lisa revealed.

She even has a website where you can donate. Her goal is $50,000, but only because the site requires a number as a goal.

“I’m just really driven to challenge other people to come on board, and let’s just do something. It may seem radical to some people, it’s stepping out of their comfort zone. I find a life of service very rewarding,” Chatterton added.

You can donate to Chatterton's cause by clicking here.

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