Shreveport student cooks Father's Day meal for veterans

Shreveport student cooks Father's Day meal for veterans

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A senior at Loyola College Prep in Shreveport decided to say Happy Father's Day to a group of unlikely people on a day traditionally reserved for honoring dads.

And, perhaps, some of them are dads, maybe dads who sacrificed time with their families to protect the USA.

Using her own money, Kayla Waller bought and cooked dinner for 60 of them.

KSLA News 12's Sasha Jones spent the day with Kayla as she proved her appreciation in a big way.

"You take the string beans and you put everything in it," Waller said as she crafted the meal for some of Shreveport's veterans.

It's a feast fit for a king, or as Kayla Waller may put it, a feast for 60 kings.

This high school senior has spent 10 hours preparing a meal, not for her father, but for the veterans at Woody's Home for Veterans on Jordan Street.

"It's their day to just give back and say, 'Thank you,' fighting for our country and our nation," she said.

Waller said the idea just popped into her mind to give back this Father's Day, and after countless community service projects at the home, she decided to do one of her own.

She used the money from her first paycheck working to buy the grub, prepared it herself, and with the help of family is delivering it to the veterans.

The veterans home is operated through Volunteers of America, and provides medical care to those who have been in the armed forces.

Waller's savory surprise warmed the stomachs and hearts of each soldier.

"Too see there are still people our there who appreciate veterans," commented Charles Myrick, who partook of the meal.

The student proved that little people can do big things.

"For helping our country and becoming a stronger nation," Waller said of why she appreciates the veterans.

Waller said it cost her about $250 to sponsor the meal, but it was all worth it to see the smiles on their faces.

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