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Middle schoolers test the waters in Dwyer Cup race


Friday was a big day for some Lubbock middle schoolers and Texas Tech students.

They teamed up to test the waters with their cardboard boats.

It's all part of a science and math summer program.

In this week-long event, 28 middle school students faced many challenges, learning to understand the principles of engineering.

"It gives them the chance to really love the process of engineering and love the process of science. Too often in schools and education we don't get a chance for them to have the opportunity to build something with their hands and then go race it."

Senior Project Administrator Levin Johnson said, "It's designed to be an opportunity for students that are trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up, so it got them a chance to see a bund of different facets of math, science and engineering careers."

"These are all middle school students. The teachers were facilitating. Some Texas Tech students came along for the ride and helped out, but the middle school students were the ones driving these projects. It's just really neat to see how successful they were."

One student said, "It felt really good. I had butterflies in my stomach before we started. I wasn't really ready for it."

"We were all a little nervous. I was nervous for them, seeing how much work they had put into it, but they paddled well. It all turned out good."

"A couple of them have been in my engineering class, and they're all smart kids, so they definitely have a future."

"This gives them a chance to have a very relevant project to do that is going to excite them."

"Education is really about the stories we can tell our kids when we've been out of school for 20 years the things that we were excited about when we were in school and so what we did this week was make those memories for the kids."

The winner of the race was O.L. Slaton Middle School, so they will take home the Dwyer Cup for the next school year.

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