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Landers Athlete of the Week: Janson Westmoreland - June 11th

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Janson Westmoreland's baseball career can be documented through pictures his mom snapped over the years. They include his final game at first base for the Marshall Mavericks. 

"I wasn't the best player on the team but I always gave it my best effort and I never let up," said Westmoreland, who recenly graduated at the top of his class and intends to go to Texas A&M in the fall.

Westmoreland was selected as a first-team academic all-state player and his smarts extend beyond the classroom. He is like a walking encyclopedia on baseblal.

"He knows eveything about baseball," said Derek Dunaway, Marshall's baseball coach. "He knows baseball history. He knows who played for the rangers in 1992 at first base. He just loves the game of baseball."

Baseball has been a big part of Westmoreland's life and it became his slavation after tragedy struck his family. His older brother died in an explosion in February.

"My brother came sometimes to my games but he really didn't like baseball. He loved hunting so he was kind of in denial about baseball and didn't like to watch it because I got all the attention."

Weeks after his brother's death, Westmoreland said goodbye to his grandfather.

"My grandfather came to a lot of games when he could. He wasn't really healthy and couldn't walk up the stairs but when he could, he loved to come watch me play."

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