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Trial starts for man charged in Shreveport murder


About a year after a man was gunned down in a North Shreveport apartment complex, the suspected shooter is on trial.

Andrew Smith is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of Prentiss Britain, AKA Tyree, at the Peach Tree apartments in May of 2013.

Opening statements were made Wednesday in a courtroom packed with family members of both the victim and the defendant. The jury heard that Prentiss Britain died a violent death and that he was shot 16 times.

Prosecutor Sarah Hood told the jury they will see the homicide because there is surveillance video of the attack.

Hood said in the video there are two individuals who run up to and circle around a car in what appears to be a cat and mouse game that ends with the shooter climbing up over the car and opening fire on the victim crouching behind the rear bumper. 

Hood told the jury: "Smith jumps up on the hood of the car and starts firing an automatic weapon, 16 to 25 times."

Smith's defense attorney Kevin Berg doesn't deny that his client is in the video but he wants the jury to consider what lead up to that moment. Berg said that Smith was severely beaten by Britain and another man just moments before the incident.

He said Smith was reacting to the alleged attack, and did not have time to calm down. For that reason Berg is asking for a lesser conviction of manslaughter.

Testimony is expected to resume at 9:30 Thursday morning.

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