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Mother meets man who saved daughter from drowning death

Cordero Mullone hugs Valerie Taylor, the mother of a teen he rescued from drowning last weekend. Cordero Mullone hugs Valerie Taylor, the mother of a teen he rescued from drowning last weekend.

A very thankful mother finally got to set eyes on the man who saved her daughter's life last week after the teenager narrowly escaped drowning in a Shreveport pool.

This past Saturday, Jasmine Taylor hit her head on the side of the pool at the Millbrook Apartment complex. She quickly sank to the bottom.

After being underwater for up to five minutes, Cordero Mullone, a passerby, jumped into the water and rescued her.

Jasmine's mother, Valerie Taylor, was formally introduced to the heroic stranger for the first time Wednesday, on the steps outside University Health Shreveport where her daughter is recovering.

She struggled to find words as she wiped away tears.

"Thank you such," Valerie said as the two shared a hug.

Mullone replied: "Oh, no problem."

Mullone said he was on his way to the movies when someone flagged him down.

"Any other day I would have just sped on off but they got my attention some kind of way," he said.

But, it wasn't just another day. Without thinking twice, Mullone dove in and plucked Jasmine from what could have been an untimely death.

He stood outside the hospital with Valerie, but his mind was on Jasmine.

"I'm ready to go see her because I've been thinking about her everyday really," he said.

Valerie and Mullone went inside so he could meet Jasmine in her hospital room. After 30 minutes, they returned to the steps. Mullone said Jasmine couldn't talk very loudly but the two were able to share a conversation.

"Seems like she's really just ready to get out of there," he said. "She told me thank you. I told her I was going to come see her again when she starts talking a little more so when can talk."

As the bond begins to build between these strangers, they can't help but point to what they call divine intervention. Mullone is a former lifeguard, but never actually had to save a life until Saturday.

"God, God was watching her," Valerie said.

Mullone is just trying to come to grips with what happened.

"I've still been kind of talking it one day at a time and trying to figure it all out," he said. "I was just happy to be at the right place at the right time. Like I said, God. That's got to be all it was."

And so a terrible ending, Jasmine's tragedy brought new friendships.

"I'll catch up with you later," said Mullone as he hugged Valerie before walking away.

Taylor replied: "This is going to be forever."

Jasmine is going into her sophomore year at Green Oaks High School. Valerie said doctors removed Jasmine's breathing tube on Wednesday.

The teen is awake and talking and has sustained no brain damage.

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