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LGBT members more likely to be victims of human trafficking


A Natchitoches Parish human trafficking case has local advocacy groups talking not just about human trafficking, but also its connection to the LGBT community.

According to authorities, a transgendered woman was reportedly beaten, chained outside and held captive against her will. Three people have been charged in connection to her reported enslavement.

The case is catching the attention of many advocacy groups.

"To be 51 years and still be trapped in such a violent, gruesome world, is very alarming," said Laura Brucia-Ham. She is the CEO of the Center for families in Shreveport, and she also works with the Free Coalition Project.

She says members of the LGBT community are between 25-40 percent more likely to be lured into human trafficking, and the main reason is a lack of acceptance that can lead to bad circumstances.

"Find themselves homeless or vulnerable to other perpetrators that are out there waiting," she said Brucia-Ham.

In the Natchitoches case, the victim reportedly met her perpetrators online and voluntarily moved into their home, but detectives said she later became enslaved.

According to the Polaris Project, up to 300,000 people find themselves a part of human trafficking each year and only .4 percent of those people are recovered annually.

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