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Survey: No confidence in East Texas Police Chief

Chief Robert Herbert Chief Robert Herbert
PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - The Texas Municipal Police Association said the Palestine Police Chief has the lowest management survey scores in a decade. The TMPA said they surveyed more than 80% of the employees at the Palestine Police Department. The TMPA said the police chief was the only commissioned peace officer, not on probation, who did not complete the survey.

Results of the survey show 0% of respondents have high morale. 0% of the police department employees said they would finish their career at Palestine PD. The survey also showed 0% of police department employees have confidence the police chief can lead the police department into the future.

KLTV 7 reached out to Police Chief Robert Herbert, who said he was not going to talk about the survey. There is a City Council meeting at 5:30 pm Monday night, and members of the TMPA said they will bring the survey to the city's attention.

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