Smoke pours from Shreveport landfill fire

Smoke pours from Shreveport landfill fire

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport landfill fire that's been burning nearly four years came up to the surface again in the last few days.

It's happening at a private landfill in the 1100 block of Russell Road in far Northwest Shreveport.

And that's where fire crews converged earlier today. Harrelson said that a small explosion happened this morning, prompting him to call the fire department.

"I noticed all of the sudden a small area that just lit up in flames," said Michael Harrelson, owner of the landfill. "So, I went over to put dirt on it and it basically blew up in my face and pretty scary. So, I called the Shreveport Fire Department and had them come back out here."

The source of the fire is actually 100-feet underground in what's described as a sub-terrain blaze.Every so often, according to the owner, the fire makes its way to the surface and catches trash on fire in the landfill.

And owner Michael Harrelson says that's exactly what happened on Wednesday and it's been burning off and on since then, creating a lot of smoke in that part of the city.

Fire crews were expected to check on the site about 11 p.m. in case the flames arise again.

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