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Man rides 1,000 miles on horseback to keep promise


A Shreveport piano player has ridden 1,000 miles on horseback to fulfill a dying wish to his best friend from childhood.

Winston Hall plays piano around town, but for the last 3 months he has been riding a horse to Wind River Ranch in Colorado in memory of his best friend, Jonathan Avitia.

"We had a lot of adventures together," says Winston about his best friend.

Avitia died of a rare cancer back in 2013, but before he passed away he handed over his most prized possession: his saddle.

Dubbing the endeavor a "Journey for Jonathan," Winston promised to ride that saddle back to the place where that friendship blossomed in Colorado.

"All the amazing things that happened to us, and all the people we met," says Winston Hall.

Winston rode some days for 12 hours. After 67 days of riding through America's countryside, Winston made it back to where it all first started and returned the saddle.

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