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Car drives into house in Decatur

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A Valley woman had just settled in for the night when a car came crashing into her home. Police said the driver was drunk. At first she thought what happened was caused by the storm, and she had no idea it was a car that hit her home.

Rhonda Parrish said she had just gotten home from work. She and her sister were at the home on Harrison Street in Decatur. Rhonda decided to go to a back room and work on some arts and crafts. She said it was pretty relaxing until they heard a loud boom and felt the house shake.

Rhonda said they thought the storm had taken down a tree that hit the house. They were amazed at what actually caused that boom when they checked it out.

"My sister and I came running up to the front of the house because we figured the tree limb fell on the house," said Rhonda. "We'd been expecting it for a long time. We got to the front screen porch, looked out, and we were both like, unreal. We're like ‘Holy moly! A freaking car is under the front porch!'"

The women actually got the two men in the car out and then police arrived. According to police the guy driving was intoxicated.

22-year-old Fernando Rolando Hernandez was charged with driving under the influence. Police also arrested the other man. No one suffered any serious injuries.

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