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Elmore Co. Humane Society hit hard Friday by drop-offs

One of the kittens up for adoption One of the kittens up for adoption

Slammed and overwhelmed!

"This is what we're dealing with. What time is it? 11? We've taken in 35 animals already this morning," said Elmore County Humane Shelter Director Rea Cord.

By 4 p.m. Friday that number increased to 45.

Cord says it's been awhile since they've had this kind of rush of animals come in. Most of them were kittens. The rest were puppies.

"It's one of those days when everybody decided they needed to go," Cord said.

There is no way of knowing how many stray animals are roaming the River Region. We do know the Elmore County Humane Society takes in on average of around 4,700 strays a year. Montgomery County took in 8,700 last year and Autauga County recorded a little more than 2,000 strays during the same year at the shelter.

Cord feels maybe for whatever reason the spaying and neutering concept isn't getting through the general public which is often a challenging thing for shelters.

"When we're full like this and beyond it's all hands on deck and we have to devote all of our attention to their care,' said Cord.

While many decided today was a good time to get rid of dogs and cats, Ashleigh Allgood felt the opposite. Allgood adopted a kitten and more than pleased to ease the pressure somewhat at the shelter.

"We decided our dog at home needed a friend," said Allgood.

It's welcomed relief for shelter directors like Cord.

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