Elderly driver nearly escapes train accident

Elderly driver nearly escapes train accident

ATLANTA, TX (KSLA) - An elderly man nearly escaped his car that was stuck on a set of train tracks in downtown Atlanta, TX Thursday afternoon.

Police say the car driven by Donald Yarbrough, 83, became "high centered" on the tracks. Yarbrough needed assistance to get out of the vehicle, and was helped by a Good Samaritan and police officer.

Minutes after Yarbrough was out of the car, a train plowed through his car still on the tracks.

"We heard the whistle blow. We didn't hear the train at first, but we heard the whistle blow and I was like this is about to happen," says a witness. She immediately grabbed her cell phone to capture the collision.

Police say Union Pacific was contacted in order to stop train traffic on the tracks, but the oncoming train could not stop.

"He was kind of lagging and the lady was like, come on we have to go," says the witness.

There were no injuries caused by the collision.

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