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Suspected burglar narrowly escapes Shreveport police

Johnathon Igbokwe, 30 (Source: Shreveport Police Department) Johnathon Igbokwe, 30 (Source: Shreveport Police Department)

A man believed to be responsible for up to 20 burglaries in the Shreveport area has police asking for the public's help finding him.

Police called a morning news conference Thursday to display property recovered after a recent police chase that almost ended with the suspect's capture.

Johnathon Igbokwe, 30, is accused of stealing and then pawning thousands of dollars in stolen items. Even before his capture, his bond has been set at $25,000. Those residential burglaries happened between March and May of this year in the Brunswick Place subdivision in Southeast Shreveport.

Detective Roger Courtney said Igbokwe came very close to getting caught when patrol officers recently spotted his car on the streets of Shreveport.

"The guy refused to stop, exceeded speed, pulled into a hotel parking lot on Monkhouse Drive and jumped out of the car and disappeared over a 6 to 8-foot wooden privacy fence and left his car behind," he said.

Inside that car, police found laptops and cell phones to watches and other jewelry.

Police believe there's plenty more stolen property out there on the streets.

"There'll be more things that have been traded off, pawned, given away," Courtney said, adding that they're working with pawn shops in the area to recover more stolen items.

And police explained that Crime Stoppers has already played a critical role in the case.

"And the Crime Stoppers tips that came pouring in about this fella were a tremendous help," Courtney said. "And immediately we recognized him as someone that we have dealt with in the past. He served time in prison for burglaries in the past."

Police say Igbokwe already had a warrant out for his arrest for the last year and a half for violating his parole.

While detectives believe many, if not most, of the items displayed at the news conference came from residential burglaries, the SPD is also initiating a new type of program when it comes to car burglaries.

Cpl. Marcus Hines said that new program is called T-L-C:

"Take out your valuables, Lock your doors and Close your windows," Hines said.

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