Residents upset over Broadmoor Baptist Church parking plans

Residents upset over Broadmoor Baptist Church parking plans

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Broadmoor Baptist Church leaders say they will appeal a zoning decision denying part of an expansion plan they proposed.

Some residents who live around the church hope they don't succeed, worried that if the plans go through they will be surrounded by parking lots.

The plan submitted to the Shreveport Zoning Board of Appeals asks for approval of an addition on the property, south of the church's current building on Youree Drive. It also requests approval of parking lots to be built on church property behind the main building.

Broadmoor was denied approval to build the additional 143 parking spaces, but an appeal has been filed.

"This is just where they want to put their industry," said Judy Smith.

Smith has lived in her home on Cligman Drive for 48 years. The proposed plan would leave her home surrounded by pavement on three sides.

"It doesn't say the Lord giveth and Broadmoor Baptist taketh away," Smith said, referring to a Bible verse.

"I always assumed there would be a house on every lot, and people in every house," said Roy Menefee.

He is also opposed to the Broadmoor's plans. His home would be right next door to one of the proposed lots.

"There really is a need for additional parking," said Scott Sinclair, of Broadmoor Baptist Church.

The church acquired lots in the neighborhood behind the church more than 15 years, and owns 11 of the 18 lots behind the church, he said.

"Screening, planning, there are lots of things you can do to make a parking lot not seem like a parking lot next door," he said.

The appeal is set to go before the Shreveport City Council on June 24.

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