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East TX teen recovering in Shreveport after gunshot wound to face


A Texarkana, Texas high school senior is recovering in Shreveport from a gunshot wound to his face after a tragic accident earlier this month.

Henry Milligan accidentally shot himself in the face while cleaning his gun. Despite his injuries, he tried to tell 911 dispatchers what was wrong and where he was.

"A shell got jammed in the gun and whenever I went to set it down it went off and it got me in the face," Milligan said.

Henry has been temporarily released from University Health Shreveport. During his five-week stay in the hospital, he has undergone multiple surgeries to reconstruct his face.

"They have taken out his frontal sinus," said Henry's mother Angela Milligan.

Doctors have reconstructed the orbits of his eyes and put in metal plates for his jaw bones.

"The first time I seen my son his face was pretty much gone," said Henry's father Wayne Milligan. "Like I said it has been amazing what God has done."

The accident happened as Henry was preparing for a weekend of recreation shooting with his father.

"My son has been raised around guns," Wayne said. "I would like to get it out there that this could happen to anybody."

As Henry recovers, his immediate goal is to make it to his high school graduation ceremony June 7 in Texas.

"I am going to try my best to make it down to there," Henry said. "I really want to."

Family members said that depends on what his doctors say.

Since the May 1 accident, Henry's fellow students have opened an account to help the family make it through with mounting medical bills to pay.

"But for those who are not able to give donations, praying is free," Angela said.

Donations can be made at Regions Bank under "Benefit for Henry Milligan." They can also be made online at giveforward.com under Hope for Henry.

"I pray for everybody that helps me out, anything that anybody has ever done," Henry said. "I can't thank them enough."

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