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Air tests at SPD headquarters negative for health risks

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Air quality tests done at Shreveport police headquarters May 30 show no health risks after a flock of bats had infested the building.

Last week, the department received complaints about unusual debris and a strange odor, signs of bats inside the walls on part of the second floor. Employees in the affected areas were temporarily relocated to a safe facility.

"These bats are nocturnal. They are basically outside of the wall area inside the assembly room and that's the primary area we're focusing on," SPD Cpl. Marcus Hines said at the time.

The samples taken by an environmental contractor found no signs of Histoplasma capsulatum or Cryptococcus neoformans, two health issues linked to the droppings of some animals, including bats, SPD Sgt. Bill Goodin said.

Bats have been seen in police headquarters before, but had never raised concern like they did last week. Hines said this time, there were more of them and the odor they give off was also a factor.

Now, contractors are working to clean up any residue from the bats and safely remove them from the building.

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