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Teenager taken into custody after Mount Pleasant 911 hoax

From the Mount Pleasant Police Department:

MOUNT PLEASANT, TX - On June 3, 2014 at 1 PM Mount Pleasant Police responded to the 2200 block on North Edwards in reference to a 911 call in which a male caller reported to having just murdered two people. A short time after the caller made the statement twice to a 911 operator the caller hung the phone up and turned the cell phone off.

Police worked with Verizon Telephone Company and pinged the cell phone location. Due to the type of device, the cell triangulation could only put officers in the general area of the cell after the 911 call was made. A command post was set up in the 2300 block of North Edwards and officers began searching the residential area on North Edwards and Paris Road. Mount Pleasant ISD School Police and school officials were contacted and informed of the call since the cell triangulation was near the Mount Pleasant High School vicinity. School officials took precautions around the High School to make sure students stayed safe.

After several hours of door to door searching by Mount Pleasant Police and Titus County Sheriff Deputies a decision was made to call off the search. Detectives discovered the phone in which the call came from had been stolen in the past week. Detectives filed subpoenas for the phone records of the stolen phone and were able to trace other phone calls made on that phone to a person of interest.

At 6:30 PM Mount Pleasant Police officers, detectives and Titus County Sheriff Detectives contacted a homeowner in the 100 Block of Margaret Dr. in Mount Pleasant. There detectives located a 16 year old male who was the person of interest. After speaking to family members of the detained suspect the stolen phone in which the 911 call came from was located. Detectives later determined the 911 prank phone call was placed while the suspect was at Mount Pleasant High School.

The juvenile suspect is a known person of interest related to other crimes in Mount Pleasant. He has an extensive juvenile criminal history and is a Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MHMR) client. The juvenile suspect was taken into custody and charged with Abuse of 911 (Class B Misdemeanor), Terroristic Threat (Class B Misdemeanor), and Possession of Stolen Property (Class B Misdemeanor). Due to the age of the suspect the Police Department cannot release his name

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