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Trouble with the law for man made famous in Castro case


We've found some trouble with the law for Charles Ramsey, the man made famous during the escape of three women held hostage in the Westside home of Ariel Castro.

A few days ago, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's deputies towed Ramsey's car. Then we found out that Ramsey had a license that expired in 2002. We also found he has an attitude.

We saw Ramsey at the Justice Center downtown smiling and posing for pictures. He wasn't happy when we started asking questions about last week's incident in Warrensvile Heights.

A ticket shows a deputy stopped Ramsey driving a 2006 BMW.   

He was cited for having no license, no seat belt, and a lane violation. The ticket shows the license he presented expired in September of 2002. Deputies towed the car.

This kind of stuff happens to a lot of people. But Charles Ramsey made international headlines last year helping Amanda Berry escape from the home of Ariel Castro. And lately, he's been pushing a book about it-a book he co-authored.

When approached by 19 Action News, he said, "You need $2000 to talk to me."

He tried slapping away a reporter's cell phone.

"No one's above the law," he said, but when pressed for more about his driving record, he told us, "You're the investigative reporter."

When we ran into Ramsey, he was at the Justice Center taking steps to clear up issues with his license. A hearing in the Bedford Municipal Court gave Ramsey an extension, and a new date will be set.

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