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Police seize more than 700 pounds of illegally caught shrimp


Law enforcement officials in Georgia said they seized more than 700 pounds of shrimp over the weekend.

The Dept. of Natural Resources said they arrested three commercial fisherman who were illegally trawling for shrimp in closed waters near Ossabaw Island early Saturday morning.

The boat's captain and two crew members were cited for using power-drawn nets in closed waters. The captain was also cited for operating a vessel without lights during hours of darkness. 

Officials said the shrimp has a commercial market value of more than $3,500. Other violations included operating a vessel at night without lights and possession of illegal size saltwater fish.

The money from the sale of the confiscated shrimp will go into an escrow account where it will be held until the case is determined in Chatham County State Court. 

If the boat's captain is found guilty, the money will be deposited in the state's general treasury.  If found not guilty, the boat captain can appeal to have the money for the sale of the shrimp returned.

Georgia waters will open for commercial and recreational harvest of food shrimp at 8 a.m. on June 10.

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