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Shreveport police say drug bust made after residents' urging


Neighborhood complaints helped agents make a major drug bust in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood last week.

One resident said she's happy someone stepped up and spoke out.

Caddo Parish Sheriff Deputies and Shreveport Police Agents made 19 arrests connected to felony cocaine charges in the 3000 block of Gordonia Drive.

"Oh my God a drug bust," that's what Laura Thomas said her reaction was after finding out about the police raid.

Thomas has lived in the neighborhood for eight years, and said she recently saw strange activity near Gordonia Drive.

"So many cars, nice cars, so I just assumed they were going on down there," she said.

Police said one person actually walked up while agents were ending the operation and boldly demanded to buy crack cocaine. That person was also among those arrested.

Thomas said she wants to help to take the community back.

"If I see something going on down there, I don't mind reporting it, I really don't," she said.

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