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Bossier City leaders to consider new residential parking regulations

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The Bossier City Council is considering making it illegal for residents to park recreational vehicles where they please.

Streets would have to be free of them, as well as yards.

Councilman-at-Large David Montgomery first brought up the proposed ordinance section 110-114, at the May 22 council meeting. He said some of his constituents have complained about where neighbors are parking their boats, RV's and ATV's.

According to the ordinance, parking the recreational vehicles in front or side yards, "destroys the landscape and impairs visibility by the public."

The proposed ordinance would make it illegal to park them anywhere other than a driveway, legal garage, paved surface or carport.

While some residents agree with Montgomery, others believe people should be able to do whatever they want on their own property.

"I think it's wrong because if it's parked on someone's property and it's well maintained, there shouldn't be any controversy about it," said resident Michael Gott.

Gott just moved to a street where his neighbor has a boat parked on some grass near the driveway.

"I mean it's not an eyesore or anything," he said. "Really I don't think it should be of any concern."

Neighbors who are in favor of the ordinance and the penalties said they feel tighter parking regulations will make their neighborhoods look cleaner.

The ordinance also would make it illegal for any vehicle used for recreational purposes to block the sidewalk.

The city council will vote on the issue on Tuesday afternoon. If it passes, violators could be charged at least $250 for each offense per day.

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