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Elderly man out of hospital following son's standoff and arrest

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The elderly man found on the floor naked in an East Texas home following a standoff between his son and police is now out of the hospital and with family. 

His son, 50-year-old Bruce McMeans, remains in jail on $250,000 bond, charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and injury to an elderly person. 

According to the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, the hostage situation developed around 8 p.m. Saturday with a call from Bruce McMeans to 911 asking for an ambulance to come to FM 31 in Elysian Fields and attend to his father. Dispatchers reportedly thought McMeans sounded angry, and told them he did not want to see deputies come to the home.

If they did, he would shoot and kill them, police reports indicate.

McMeans allegedly went on to say that deputies would kill him anyway when they saw what had been done to his father. Within the few minutes of that call, another call came from a neighbor stating he had heard 2 shots from the general direction of McMeans' residence.

"It was tense, because I have children, I have to worry about them and protect them," said Beverly Veilleux.

Police said there was never a manhunt because they knew exactly where the suspect was during the crisis.

Harrison County crisis negotiators were able to make 2 short phone calls to McMeans as EMS and deputies stood by at the Crossroads fire station. McMeans had recently moved in with his father, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

During the phone calls, McMeans continued to say he intended to shoot deputies and end the problem with his father, said Jay Webb, Harrison County administrative investigator.

Police say McMeans has a long record of offenses involving assault and weapons, so Sheriff Tom McCool and Captain Marty Latham decided to request help from the Longview PD and the Texas DPS helicopter unit.

Around the time the Longview Emergency Response Team arrived, the county's district attorney's office issued warrants for entry into the McMeans home. Deputies and negotiators tried calling several different telephone numbers at the home, but no more communication was made with the suspect or his father.

When a Longview ERT armored vehicle approached the home, about 1:30 a.m. June 1, law enforcement found the suspect standing in a dark, covered spot holding a rifle. He was ordered to drop the weapon but did not comply.

McMeans then turned the weapon toward the approaching officers and was shot in the lower left hip, police said. He dropped the rifle and was surrounded by police and taken into custody.

He was taken to Good Shepherd-Longview with non life-threatening injuries before he was booked into jail. 

Residents were shaken by the incident, especially when false rumors swirled that a murderer was loose in their neighborhood.

"It was intense," said Tim Veilleux who hid his family in a room for hours.

Inside the home, police say they found Bruce McMeans' father naked and lying on the floor in a doorway. EMS did not find any gunshot wounds on him, but he was very disoriented. 

Even though police said they knew where McMeans as at all times, neighbors are shaken that something like this would happen so close to their homes.

"We live in a safe neighborhood, good community, everybody watches out for each other, so it was surprising," said Beverly Veilleux.

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