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Woman flees into woods after fiery crash in Webster Parish


A man is recovering Saturday after a fiery crash in Webster Parish. Now investigators are searching for another person who was in that truck during the crash. It happened off Hwy 371 south of Rice Road. 

Louisiana State Police say alcohol was involved in the crash that sent the truck flying over a guard rail and bursting into flames early Saturday morning. "The person at the scene had been drinking and stated that the female had been drinking also," says Trooper Brett Davis.  

Police do not believe anyone was seriously hurt. When officers got to the scene, the woman involved in the crash ran away, disappearing into the trees. "Really, have no idea right now why someone would run into the woods, especially if your injured," Davis says, "So it could be a million things, we don't know. We just hope that we find her soon because if she is injured we want to get her taken care of."

Investigators are searching for that woman. They have alerted local hospitals and were out looking through the trees for her. "The male stayed behind at the scene and was transported to the hospital with moderate injuries. We do believe alcohol was involved." 

The guardrails took quite a hit when that truck slammed through them. Cones are now up to alert drivers of the weakened railings.

"It's very important not to drink and drive, just pick up the phone and call someone. Don't put yourself in a situation where you're going to have to drive, and put someone else's life in danger."

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