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Bossier City road project nearly complete, some neighbors surprised by changes


A longtime Bossier City road expansion project is nearly complete, but some of the changes have surprised residents.

According to Bossier City's leader, the Swan Lake Road Expansion Project finished ahead of time and under budget. Still, some residents are complaining they were left out of the loop about some of the project's results.

Several neighborhood roads, including the one 44-year-resident Nancy Barron lives on, have been sealed off and turned into cul-de-sacs.

"It's really quiet now, we have no through traffic," she said.

It's the biggest change Barron has seen to her street in decades.

"I have to go around different ways to get out of the neighborhood, but it's not that far," she said.

The changes are part of the a nearly $20 million project widening Swan Lake Road from two lanes to five, stretching from I20 and I220.

As part of the project, Bossier City Engineer Mark Hudson says several side streets were sealed off to lower the amount of intersections.

"Accidents typically happen at intersections," he said.

But the changes came as a surprise to Barron, and she is upset because she feels their community was left in the dark about the newly formed cul-de-sacs.

"We didn't get a notice or a letter, we didn't get anything, which I thought was really kind of rude, of the city," Barron said.

But city leaders say they haven't heard anybody complain to them about it.

"We had plans for the public to come see, but for a lot of people it [the changes] just unfolded in front of them," said Hudson.

While some neighbors on the new cul-de-sacs like the changes, others who live on the now main thoroughfares out of the neighborhood, said they don't like that their streets have gotten busier.

To consider the project fully complete, the city still needs to install a few more sidewalks and plant grass. City leaders also plan to build a few extra right hand turn lanes that were added late to the project.

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