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Congressional District 7 race: Sewell vs Johnson

Tamara Harris Johnson Tamara Harris Johnson
Congresswoman Terri Sewell Congresswoman Terri Sewell

Two women are vying for a position in the nation's capital. The seat for U.S. House of Representatives for Alabama district seven will be on the upcoming democratic primary ballot.

Whoever wins this primary race will claim the seat. There are no republicans running for the position.

District seven covers the poorest part of the state. Both candidates say economic growth is a priority.

"I'd like to go back to Washington to make sure I protect and further the values the folks of the seventh congressional district hold dear," said incumbent Terri Sewell.

Rep. Sewell has served the last two terms. She says under her watch the economic picture for her district has improved. She considers it one of her biggest accomplishments while in Washington.

"When I took office the unemployment rate for the 14 counties was 13.8 percent and currently the unemployment rate is 9.8 percent so we've seen a 4 percent decrease in the unemployment rate in the seventh district. We aren't where we want to be but we are a far cry better than we were," Sewell said.

"You can't honestly and sincerely say that you are representing Alabama's seventh congressional district when you have abandoned Alabama's farmers, Alabama's women, infant, and children, and those economically challenged," Johnson said.

Johnson, an attorney, is challenging Sewell. She argues district seven hasn't had representation in Washington, and she plans to change that. She believes the way to spur economic growth is to focus on agriculture.

"Agriculture is the number one economic engine and the department of agriculture deals with certain programs dealing with WIC and the snap program. I would get on the agriculture committee and I would campaign to stay on the agriculture committee," Johnson said.

Both women have law degrees and have spent time in public service. They say it's an honor to represent the place they call home.

"I know the person I represent and I'm very clear on who I represent. I want to work for and represent the people of Alabama seventh congressional district," Johnson said.

"I'm a proud product of the seventh district, and I know what's possible with a little resource and whole bunch of opportunities. My challenge as the representative is to provide those same opportunities for the people of the seventh," Sewell said.

District seven represents 14 counties in the state, totaling nearly 700,000 people.

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