Family First: Pressure to lose the baby weight

Family First: Pressure to lose the baby weight

(KSLA) - Gaining weight is common in most healthy pregnancies, but losing weight is a struggle for most moms. While gaining enough weight during pregnancy is essential to the babies health, you have to be careful not to put on too much or to little weight.

Jennifer Cooper, a mother of 3, says after having her third child, losing the weight was a little more challenging.

Cooper says, "I have three boys and just trying to find the time to eat healthy and take care of their needs, work and exercise."

A busy schedule and a new baby to tend too often leaves a lot of mothers with no time to tend to themselves. Today, mothers are feeling the pressure to quickly drop the baby weight especially when celebrity moms make it seem like a piece of cake. But, Dr. James Barrow, OBGYN at LSU Health Shreveport, says a little weight gain is not only common during pregnancy but healthy. He says you shouldn't stress about the weight left behind when the baby is born.

"In the real world, mothers have a lot to do right after they have their babies. Especially if they're breastfeeding, or if they're feeding in general. They're not sleeping much, they're balancing other children, sometimes they're going back to work relatively soon. So they've got a lot of things on their plate, says Barrow."

Some mothers attempt to stay fit before the baby arrives. Personal trainer Jason Grantham says it's not uncommon to see pregnant mothers in the gym, especially those who already have a regular fitness routine.

Grantham says, "It all depends on the routine you have before you get pregnant. It's kind of what your body is used to. If your body is used to an intense workout, then there is no need to change that."

Along with exercise, Dr. Barrow says there's one other thing that could help you drop the pounds fast.

"Breastfeeding will actually increase your amount of calories burned per day. If you're exercising and breastfeeding, then you'll be burning quite a few calories."

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