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Nashville teen escapes after alleged burglar strips naked

Michael Craddock (Photo from Metro PD) Michael Craddock (Photo from Metro PD)
Jennifer Langley Jennifer Langley

A Nashville teenager says he walked out of his bedroom Tuesday and spotted a man rifling through his family's back storage shed. But the story only gets stranger from there.

Jennifer Langley said she left her 14-year-old son, Parker, alone at their Whispering Hills Drive home just long enough to run a few errands.

"My son called me around 12:30 and said, 'There's this guy in a white van. He doesn't look like he should be here,'" Jennifer Langley said.

"I looked out the back door, and I saw him just messing around in the barn," Parker said.

Initially, the man's behavior didn't seem that unusual. He came out of the shed, carrying some equipment, and Parker just assumed maybe it was one of his dad's friends. But when the man, identified as Michael Craddock, got out in the yard, that's when things got progressively more bizarre.

"He kept screaming and talking to himself. He was not right in the head, and he was screaming curse words, random things and just talking to himself. That was pretty creepy," Parker said.

Before Parker knew it, Craddock was making his way to the front door, so the teen locked himself in the bathroom and hid in the shower.

"When I called my son back, he was whispering and said, 'Yes, he is in the house,'" Jennifer Langley said.

Once inside the home, Craddock allegedly proceeded to strip naked, grab a drink from the family fridge and even put on some of Jennifer Langley's jewelry.

"He was wearing my jewelry and he said that he thought he was in the movie The Purge. He brought in a chainsaw and a hammer. He was here to kill," Jennifer Langley said.

It wasn't until the stranger began fiddling with a door knob that Parker felt safe making a break for it.

"That's when I ran out the back door, because I knew he couldn't see me at that point," the teen said.

Craddock was still inside when police showed up to arrest him. It was a scare Jennifer Langley isn't taking lightly.

"Just to let any potential future burglars know, you don't want to come here," she said. "Mama will be packing heat from now on."

Craddock has been charged with burglary and possession of a weapon.

Although the family doesn't know him, Parker says Craddock somehow knew their dog's name. Police are still looking into why he targeted this particular house.

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