Shreveport firefighters accused of abuse make court appearance Tuesday

Shreveport firefighters accused of abuse make court appearance Tuesday

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Five Shreveport firefighters accused of abusing two adults with disabilities were in court Tuesday for a pre-trial hearing about specific prosecutorial evidence the defense says they weren't privy to.

Police said the accused firefighters from the city's Fire Station 8 subjected two disabled adults, who were regulars there, to cruel pranks over the last few years. The victims were allegedly left stranded on the roof of the fire station and forced to drink human urine.

The firefighters are also accused of chipping in to pay for a prostitute for one of the men described as severely mentally challenged.

In April, the attorneys for all of the accused claimed the prosecution failed to turn over to them notes and transcripts, including dates and times of the alleged incidents. This information was gathered during interviews investigators had with the suspects before they were arrested.

On Tuesday, attorney Peter Flowers, who represents Clint Richardson, filed a motion to have his client's statement to police, FBI, and Louisiana State Police excluded from the upcoming trial.

Shreveport police detective Rod Demery was questioned about the interview, which he took part in, and asked at what point Richardson's Miranda rights were read to him. Demery and other investigators testified that the interview lasted for about four hours, and that Richardson was free to leave the interview at any time.

Richardson is one of 5 firefighters accused of abusing two mentally challenged men who frequently visited fire station 8.

Several other firefighters will have their motions heard in court on June 20.

An August 18 trial date was set earlier this year. The men face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Jason Vaughan, former engineers Clint Richardson and Billy Glass, and former captains Derrick Harris and Randy Chandler will all be tried separately.

The court also heard Derrick Harris' attorney, John Settle withdraw from the case. Harris told Judge Ramona Emmanuel that he could hire another attorney within a couple of days.

A June 19 misdemeanor trial date has been set for charges linked to the alleged hiring of a prostitute. Vaughan, Richardson, Glass and Harris were charged with that crime. Chandler was not.

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