Shreveport Police patrol Mudbug Madness

Shreveport Police patrol Mudbug Madness

Shreveport Police are working to keep a safe and friendly environment at The Mudbug Madness Festival in Downtown Shreveport.

The festival runs throughout the weekend, and right now there are more than 200 Shreveport Police officers scheduled to work the event.

"Make sure everything is going smooth," says Lt. Doug Garcy.

Garcy is just one of many officers patrolling the festival on a utility vehicle.

"It becomes a lot more crowded at night time, but so far it's been real nice and we haven't had any problems," says Garcy.

Vendors sell alcohol at the festival, but alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside of festival plaza.

"Disorderly public conduct, where someone is walking around causing problems because they are intoxicated, that is not allowed," says Cpl. Marcus Hines.

Cpl. Hines says so far no arrest have been made in connection with festival.

"It's all done to make sure everyone is safe, and that they have a great time at the event," says Hines.

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