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Sudden storm caught Richmonders by surprise


Neighbors throughout our area are left cleaning up a mess. Driving around Richmond in the moments and hours after the storm, we saw just about everything, from traffic lights out in downtown Richmond to the standing water and flooding.

The strong storm blew through Richmond, ravaging timber both manmade - three power poles on Sussex Street near Whitcomb Court - and nature's own, as trees tumbled to the ground, blocking roads on the North Side.

"The destruction that mother nature can do, and it's real, real scary," said Howard Paige.

And this was a dangerous situation. The rumbling of equipment drowned out the sizzling of the power lines as they fell into trees, sending smoke into the air.

Paige has lived in the city for five years and doesn't remember the fear he felt Thursday night.

"When the warning went off, just two seconds after that, it just, tremendous, the sky got dark and everything just started getting tremendous wind," he said.

Paige said he tried to heed the warnings. "I'm looking for shelter, that's what I was looking for, shelter. And right away I was trying to get in the house but the wind was so strong I couldn't even open my screen door."

Then Paige described what people like the crews left cleaning up the mess are feeling all over the city. "I don't want to see it no more. "I don't want to see that experience no more. It was enough for me."

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