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Former home health nurse testifies about 2012 gang rape in Gert Town

A former home healthcare worker became emotional on the stand Thursday as she described the day she says she was robbed, kidnapped and gang raped.

The victim gave the horrific details of the attack, she says changed her life forever.

Two of the five men arrested are on trial. Cousins Jermaine Rumley and Glenn Elliott are accused in the 2012 crime, and they're being tried together.

On the stand, the victim, who was 53-years-old at the time, said she was on her way to visit a patient on Thaila Street when a man approached her car and tried to rob her at gunpoint. She said she didn't have any money.

"The man got into the front seat of the car, put the gun to me and said ‘drive,'" the victim testified.

The two ended up near the intersection of S. Gayoso and Erato streets in what appeared to be an abandoned house. The victim said the gunman sexually assaulted her, and minutes later, several other men walked in.

"I heard them talk about condoms," she testified. "They asked me if I had any in my car. Then they started raping me."

The victim said the assault seemed to last forever before they eventually left her alone in the house.

The victim said she never saw the faces of her attackers, but prosecutors have said they have DNA evidence linking Elliott to the crime.

According to our partners at | The Times-Picayune, just before jury selection, the district attorney offered a 30-year sentence to Elliot and a

25-year sentence to Rumley as a package deal.

Rumley refused the offer, and now both face life in prison if convicted of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and armed robbery.

Among the three other people arrested, one has already pleaded guilty to the rape, another defendant pleaded guilty to armed robbery and the last defendant turned himself in March.


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