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Under-eye bags? How about some under-eye 'Spanx'?


There's shapewear for the body, and now one company says it has invented the same thing for your skin. It's a brand-new product being billed as Spanx for the eyes, and it promises to erase unwanted bags.

For the last decade, Debby Coates has tried just about everything imaginable to get rid of the excess baggage under her eyes.

"I've done cucumbers on my eyes, and someone recommended or asked me if I tried Preparation H, because that's what all the movie stars use to put under there," Coates said.

So when she learned that a new FDA-approved product called Neotensil could shrink and compress her puffy under-eye bags fast, she decided to try it out at the Old Metairie Dermatology Clinic. It's one of five centers in the U.S. to take part in a clinical trial.

Dr. Patricia Farris also invited Faye Waldrop to be part of the test run. She also has tried countless concealers over the years.

"I've used every brand you can name, and they really don't work," Waldrop said. "The darkness still shines through, and the puffiness doesn't go away with concealer."

"What happens as the skin gets thinner, these fat pads begin to come outward," said Dr. Farris. "They protrude outward, and it gives you this bag which gives you that shadowing underneath. We've been able to deliver ingredients to the skin and moisturizer to the skin, but we've never been able to reshape the skin."

Until now.

The before-and-after pictures of Neotensil users are dramatic.

Here's how the polymer based product works: On a clean, makeup-free face, you apply two different gels under the eye.

"We just want to cover the entire area beyond the bag," Farris said. "The first layer is the active ingredient. The second layer is the activator. With the activator, it allows it to form an invisible layer that begins to shrink and compress the under-eye area."

Dermatologists call it Spanx for the eyes.

"We really just likened it to Spanx, because just like Spanx can reshape the body area, this does exactly the same thing for the under-eye area," Farris said.

Within minutes, it starts to lift, tighten and smooth. For our story, Neotensil was only applied to Waldrop's right eye, and there was a clear difference. With the product under both eyes, she said people notice.

"I've had friends say, 'Wow!' So you definitely can see it," Waldrop said. "It's definitely noticeable."

While the results are only temporary, one application will last up to 16 hours. And you have to take it off at the end of the day.

Coates said it's worth it.

"When you put it on, it makes your skin look refreshed," she said.

It's an eye-opening quick fix that sends those unwanted bags packing.

One box of the product costs $500. It has 50 applications, which breaks down to $10 per application. If you use it every day, one box will last about seven weeks, but many patients use it mostly for special occasions.

Right now, Neotensil is only available through dermatologists, and it's only being used for under-eye bags.

Farris said in the future, the technology could be used for other conditions.


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