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Gas prices concern Ark-La-Tex residents as holiday approaches


According to the website the average price of gasoline in the United States is $3.62 a gallon.

Yep, that's high. It's actually down 4 cents per gallon since April, but we're higher than we were back in February.

These unsteady prices are raising big concerns.

"They are kind of worried about what is going on with the gas prices," Christie Walls, clerk at Stateline Chevron in Texarkana, said of her customers.

With the summer fast approaching, Walls, like her customers, are confused with the fluctuating gasoline prices.

"They noticed that the prices are like different prices," Walls said. "It goes up one week and the next week it goes down."

But even when the price drops a few cents, motorists like Clyde Gooden of New Boston, TX say it's still not enough.

"It is too high," he said. "It is too high they need to bring it down."

Charles Pierce operates a lawn service and says the gas prices are hitting small businesses like his just as much as the traveling public.

"I wish it will go back down to a dollar or something a gallon," he said. "I can't drive all the way across a yard or across town to do a small yard. I have to do everything in kind of a route. Makes it a little hard to make money."

But even with the high prices in the Ark-La-Tex, our area seems to have cheaper prices than others. Shanjeev Butani is traveling through the area from Maryland. He stopped at Stateline Chevron for a fill up.

"They are fluctuating quite a bit, but from where we are in Maryland is almost close to $4, $3.80 so this is actually not bad for us," he said.

This afternoon the gas prices in Texarkana ranged from $3.23 per gallon to $3.49 per gallon.

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