Shreveport woman's yard turns into swamp

Shreveport woman's yard turns into swamp

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport woman is waiting for her yard to dry out, now that a water leak has been temporarily stopped.

Verna Jones, who is 80 years old, has to walk over fence boards just to keep her feet dry. Her once thriving garden is now overrun with water and sewage.

Jones claims she tried calling multiple city offices, but didn't have much success. But that changed today.

Jones called Mayor Cedric Glover's office and a crew was sent out. They reportedly stopped the leak by removing a water meter from the home next door.

The landlord of that home will now have to fix the leak before the water can be turned back on.

Jones is just happy that she and her four dogs will soon have the yard back.

If you have a water leak problem in the City of Shreveport, you should report it to the public works department at 318-673-6300.

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