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Stray bullet comes inches from sleeping Shreveport boy


A Shreveport mother said last week she found a bullet hole only inches from her 11-year-old son's bed.

Brandy Thorn saw the bullet hole in a wall of her son's room last Thursday morning. She said she heard gun shots the night before, but had no idea one of those bullets was only inches from the sleeping boy.

"I'm not worried about the window the wall or whatever, that can be fixed. He can't," Thorn said.

The bullet came through the front window of the house.

"I was knocked out," said Jackoby Thorn. He says he slept right through the racket. "I was kind of in shock, but not really. I wasn't worried."

Brandy said she moved the bed from in front of the window to the other wall behind the home's brink.

The Shreveport Police are still investigating this incident, but right now it is believed to be just a random shooting.

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