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Merritt Landry 911 call released from night of shooting

Former Mandeville Street home of Merritt Landry Former Mandeville Street home of Merritt Landry

Newly released 911 tapes offer a glimpse of what happened the night Marigny homeowner Merritt Landry shot Marshall Coulter. It's the first time we've even heard Landry's voice, after the shooting that occurred last July.

Landry sounds rattled on the tape, which was released Tuesday by the district attorney's office and obtained by our partners at | The Times-Picayune.

On the tape, a 911 operator asks, "What is your emergency?"

Landry responds, "I came outside and found this guy in my yard, I just shot him. He's, he's down."

Just before 2 a.m. on July 26, Landry called 911 after finding then-14-year-old Marshall Coulter on his property on Mandeville Street.

The tape continues with Landry saying, "Oh, My God. I can't believe it."

The 911 operator says, "Listen. Listen. I need you to calm down. I want to know where he's shot at."

Landry responds, "He's shot in the shoulder. He's not responding. I went by him. I'm trying to like, help the dude. He's down now."

Landry explained to investigators after the shooting that he had told Coulter not to move after finding the teen had hopped a fence to get onto his property. The homeowner thought he saw Coulter make a move, which is when he pulled the trigger.

The 911 operator continues, "Sir, what is your name?" After Landry gives his name, someone from EMS asks Landry in what part of the body was the victim shot.

Landry replies, "He's shot in the head."

When Landry is asked if the victim is awake, he says, "Nah, he's not awake."

Landry was booked with attempted second-degree murder, but just last week, the DA's office refused the charge. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said he didn't have evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Landry committed a crime.

Coulter was, for a time, in a vegetative state after the shooting, but was then arrested earlier this month on separate burglary charges.

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