Terminally ill 9-year-old gets Disney dream come true

Terminally ill 9-year-old gets Disney dream come true


A terminally ill girl's biggest wish was granted Tuesday thanks to the generosity of the Ark-La-Tex community.

Jamarria Wade, 9, and her family will be going to Disney World on an all expense paid trip.

Nonprofit Pay it Forward Networking, a group that uses social media to grant wishes to sick and disabled children, along with teachers at Stockwell Place Elementary broke the happy news to the family Tuesday afternoon.

"You are going to Disney World!" they shouted as Jamarria opened a box full of balloons.

That wasn't the only surprise. A woman in a Minnie Mouse costume along with PIFN members carried in gifts for Jamarria and her younger sister. Jamarria's parents' jaws dropped when they learned they would leave in only a few days.

"I can't believe we are going to Disney World!" Jamarria's little sister Heaven sung out in excitement.

The all-inclusive trip, paid for completely with donations, will be a well-deserved break for Jamarria, who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. St. Jude's Children's Hospital sent her home a few months ago, saying there was nothing more they could do.

But Jamarria vows to continue to fight for her life and PIFN, along with her teachers, want to keep her happy while doing it.

PIFN founder Kassi Robinson explained that ever since Jamarria's story came out, the support from the community has been incredible. In just three days they were able to raise more than $6,000 for Jamarria and her family. The fund was set up by a woman in the Stockwell area, who wanted to support the fourth grader who lives in her community.

Chik-Fil-A in Bossier City also jumped on board, holding a fundraiser. And the Bossier City Fire Department spent Tuesday morning grilling up hamburgers in exchange for donations for Jamarria.

A bulk of that money will go to the Disney trip, the remainder will help pay for Jamarria's medical expenses.

"It was nothing short of a miracle that these people didn't give a little, they gave big," said Robinson.

Well-wishers from the community also donated nearly $500 to send Jamarria on a shopping spree at the Louisiana Boardwalk.

"It makes me want to run up to every single one of them and just say thank you," said Jamarria's mother Kimberly Wade.

Jamarria's parents can't believe how quickly the community came together to grant their daughters wishes.

"You never know what's going to happen from day to day," Jamarria's father Antoine Wade said. It's a true blessing."

Jamarria and her family will leave for Disney World this Sunday.

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