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Residents say crime is taking over apartment complex


Some residents of the Lakeville Townhomes in Shreveport say crime is taking over their neighborhood, and they want to take action.

Within the last two months, the Shreveport police reported only burglaries, but some residents say the numbers do not show the magnitude of the issue.

"About a week or so after I moved in, my house got broken into," one resident said, adding that back in January burglars took her big screen television and she has heard of many other recent burglaries.

"There is a lot of crime that goes on in here," said Ken Young.

He has heard of more than 10 burglaries within the last two months, and he has installed surveillance cameras around his home.

This apartment complex falls into District 5 with the Shreveport Police Department. According to the police department in the past two months there have been 17 residential burglaries and 18 thefts in this district. This number is the third highest out of the 12 districts in Shreveport.

After KSLA News 12 brought these complaints up to the Shreveport Police, they said they have spoken with the apartment management and will also put extra patrol in the area to try to monitor the crime.

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