Family raising money for toddler of Mother's Day double murder victim

Family raising money for toddler of Mother's Day double murder victim

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - It's been an emotional week for everyone who knew the two young Bossier City mothers whose lives were cut short on Mother's Day.

Jacqueline Darlene Beadle, 24 and Karyl Ann Cox, 26, were found shot to death May 11 at their home in the 3000 block of Bragg Street.

Now the family of the father of Karyl Cox's three year old daughter, Khloe Torres, wants the child's future to be secure by setting up a fund.

They hope by fundraising for the toddler, it will lift the burden on the family, even just a little bit.

Khloe's Grandmother Wendy Torres said Khloe was excited about Mother's Day.

She and her dad, Neiko Torres, worked together to make a card. Torres said they even had one more surprise planned for Karyl.

"They went out front and put 'Happy Mother's Day' in chalk across the driveway, so when she would came to pick her up, it'd be there for her and the card, and they waited and waited," said Torres, fighting back tears.

But Karyl never came to the house. Khloe, who Karyl referred to as her "mini-me" would never get a chance to give her mom this card. Torres described a message Khloe's dad posted on Facebook, "He said, we waited for you, with your Mother's Day card, I feel like we are still waiting," she said.

The family said Khloe is too young to understand what happened to her mom.

"She picked up her little pretend phone, told me she was calling mommy and that she was on speed dial on her pretend phone," Torres said. "I had to walk away, it breaks my heart."

Khloe will now live with her dad, who struggles financially. Torres has set up a fund to raise money for the two of them.

The family hopes the fund will ease the pain for the toddler who will have to grow up without a mother.

The family is hoping to raise $10,000. You can donate to Khloe's fund on this website.

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