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E. Texas business offers money for good college grades


A partnership was made today between Texarkana College and a major Ark-La-Tex business. This partnership is designed to help defray tuition costs and make better employees.

"I will pay you $25 bonus per semester hour if you receive a "C" or better average if you go to Texarkana College," said Jason Sadowski, owner of nine McDonald's restaurants in the Texarkana, TX area.

On Wednesday, Sadowski announced to his employees a "Pay for Grades" program with the college. Sadowski said it's an incentive for his employees to further their education while working.

"College students have a nice balance of responsibility that they already bring to the table and that is very beneficial in my business," Sadowski said.

That's good news for Sarah Weems.

"I already had it in my mind to go to school but this makes me really want to go get paid to go to school and get an education," she said.

Texarkana College President James Russell said the program should be a big benefit for his school and most of all for the students.

"A great way for a student to make some extra money, learn some career skills, finish their education and it's debt free," he said.

The Texarkana area McDonalds restaurants employ about 450 people, including Keyundra Sanders.

She's working and taking 12 hours of classes at TC. For Sanders, this program should help her earn a degree.

"I am actually trying to get my GPA up at this time so this summer I am going to have to pay for a couple of classes so it is going to help me a lot," she said.

Although the "Pay for Grades" program is for McDonald's employees, Russell said he hopes other businesses will consider like partnerships in the future.

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