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Natchitoches mother wants answers after son dies in jail


A Natchitoches mother said she was left in the dark, not immediately contacted when her son died in the custody of the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.

Margaret Demery said her son Anthony Demery, died at the hospital on Monday evening.

"I was like, "Is he ok? Is he ok? Is he alright,'" she said, recalling a phone call from a friend. "When I went into the room my son had already passed away."

Anthony, 25 had been awaiting trial at the NPDC for a parole violation stemming from an arrest last November.

"I had just talk to him on Mother's Day about coming to visit him," Margaret said.

That phone call, however, would be their last. Margaret recalls what she was told by an official at the detention center upon receiving the news that something had happened to her son.

"He said ma'am they are taking him to the emergency room. I said 'OK.' He said 'They left five minutes ago.' That's all the information I've gotten."

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones would only say that deputies responded to a disturbance in the jail and at some point Anthony Demery was tased before eventually being taken to the hospital.

Jones wouldn't elaborate on any details but said the investigation has been turned over to the Louisiana State Police.

"Why did this happen? Someone needs to explain something to me," Margaret said. "My child was in there, thinking he was safe in there and my child ends up dead in there."

The once mother of two admits her son had some struggles but was in the midst of turning his life around.

"He just said, 'I've been reading my Bible Mama. I got your Bible notes that you sent me.'"

It's those notes she hopes eased his passage from life to death. "I pray he gave his life to God before he died. It's just difficult, very difficult," she said.

Officials say Anthony Demery's body was taken to Shreveport for an autopsy. The Louisiana State Police confirmed they have launched a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

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