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Historically black Bullitt County school house to be relocated

Bowman Valley Schoolhouse Bowman Valley Schoolhouse
Daniel Buxton Daniel Buxton
Woodsdale School Woodsdale School

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After standing just off Cooper Run Road for the past 98 years, the Bowman Valley Schoolhouse just outside Shepherdsville will soon be uprooted. It will be relocated next to the historic Woodsdale School near the Bullitt County Schools Board of Education along Highway 44.

Just off of Highway 61, Daniel Buxton spent a portion of Tuesday checking in on the Bowman Valley Schoolhouse.

"All the windows are boarded up because they've been busted out because of vandalism," said Buxton. "We don't know if it'll take another winter, so we'd like to have it moved before winter gets here again."

Two years after Buxton and a handful of others first took to Facebook, their mission to restore the county's last standing historically black school house has finally moved forward.

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"We think it's a very important piece of Bullitt County history," said Buxton who also serves as President of the Bullitt County Geological Society. "We want to have it preserved next to the white school house so that the kids, when they come, they can see a white school house and they can see a black school house and they can get an idea of how it was for both races before segregation ended."

Getting the 98-year-old school house from Cooper Run Road three miles north to where the old Woodsdale School sits along East 4th Street will, however, require a lot of effort and money.

"New foundation has to be built at the new site," said Buxton. "We estimate anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 probably total for moving and complete restoration."

Buxton said the school house relocation and restoration project gained unexpected support from Lee Wilburn, president of Crossdock Development.

"I just thought it was so close to the goal line and they just needed some help so I just called them and said I'll do it," said Wilburn,

Just one week after reaching out to the Bowman Valley Schoolhouse restoration committee, Wilburn committed to donating his company's time and services to help guide the non-profit group through the challenging tasks that lie ahead.

"This is not a simple project," said Wilburn. "We're going to bring this thing up the wrong way on I-65."

"We'll be going northbound on the southbound lanes up 65," began Buxton, "and then we'll get off the ramp up there, the wrong ramp and then turn right to go down to the board of education."

It's a relocation plan Buxton could not wait to put into action.

"Quite honestly, we didn't feel like this project was going to get done and Lee stepped up and now we have some hope," said Buxton.

According to Wilburn, the schoolhouse move could happen in as little as one month pending permit approvals.

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