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Belly stickers here to stay for mom and baby

Katherine Denkeler at three months. (Source: Facebook) Katherine Denkeler at three months. (Source: Facebook)

It’s all about the belly. That’s what a popular product for mothers and babies is focused on. You might have seen them popping up on your Facebook news feed or taking over Twitter. Sticky Bellies are the latest way to monitor mom and baby growth, and they’re helping memories stick, too.

Whether it’s what’s sticking out or sticking with you, sticky bellies are there through it all.

“Probably about four or five friends on Facebook doing them,” Kourtney Denkeler, a mother who uses the product, said.

Sticking numbers on a belly to measure how far along an expectant mother is or to snap a photo of your child at each monthly milestone is all the rage for both mom and baby.

“And I thought they were too cute so when I got pregnant and found out it was a girl my husband went online and picked them out," said Kourtney.

That’s right, her husband loves them too! The couple even has themed photo shoots once a month for their 5-month-old baby, Katherine.

“He is better at centering things than I am because the first time I put it on it was probably two inches over here and the one was crooked,” she laughed.

In each picture, baby grows and so does the number.

“We usually take them in her bed and that way it’s always the same background and we take ones with her sitting up now that she can sit up,” she explained.

It’s a round sticker that you peel off and stick on a belly.

“I think it’ll mean a lot. I think it’ll be something really special to see,” she said.

Someday when baby is older and has outgrown the stickers, she’ll look back.

“They show us how much she’s grown in the few months that we’ve had her and how much she’s changed and how much hair she’s gotten and then lost and then gotten back,” she said.

So all those moments will stick around forever. Sticky bellies are sold online and in shops across East Texas. If you would like to see where you can purchase them near you, click here.

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